Friday, November 14, 2008

Impact of E commerce on Business Analyst’s Role

Everyone wants to win and to be a successful business man. It requires changing the way we visualize the game. Enterprise Solution gives Business focused analytics and flexibility.

The Business Analyst with a strong sense of business technology and a primary facilitator for e commerce communication can transform the business which will radically alter the very nature of the firm and how it creates value.

E Commerce has a huge impact on the role of Business Analyst.

Business Analyst works under the following six situations :-

Organizational chart and Organizational Process: The Business analyst need to prepare the hierarchy inside the organization to identify the different individual as well as the different ongoing process inside the organization that is going to get impacted by the new software. In the process of developing the automation it may be found that a position in the Organizational hierarchy is not required any more as the things are getting automated.

Domain Modeling: Under this situation the anatomy of the organizational setup is not needed to be scanned by the Business Analyst. It means that the Business Analyst is unaware of the scenario that who will provide the input to the system and who will receive the output for that. The type of output will be different as well for different users. So it maintains confidentiality as no one can access the whole system.

One business many systems: This scenario is totally different from the previous ones. In this situation the company which requires automation is solely unaware of the required infrastructure needed for the system. So the Business analyst need to mention all the specifications regarding hardware and software. Finally the customer has the free hand to decide that whether it is feasible for him to implement the system or not.

Generic Business Model: It is a retail kind of environment where the software is developed without having any specific customer in hand. A survey is made beforehand by Business Analyst based on common features in all business segments and the software is developed to meet these needs which is of common interest to all.

New Business: A Business Organization may diversify. ITC group is ruling the tobacco industry and thought of exploring the hospitality sector now. So the Business Analyst should find out the IT infrastructure required for this new venture.

Revamp: The business Analyst is responsible to change the scenario of existing business process.

The Business Analyst is to work with warehouse, finance, marketing department etc. to determine, document and define e Commerce online and operational requirements.

So the Organizational chart and Organizational Process is essential to have these ideas. If the Business Analyst is going to develop the site without having these knowledge about the organization then the E Commerce site development will not be possible. So the Business analyst will not be able to estimate the requirements of the site under the Domain Modeling scenario.

One Business Many Scenario is more required for B2B aspects. The business partners may ask the firm to go for automation through E Commerce to sustain a healthy partnership relation.

Ramco systems established in 1989 by P R Venketrama Raja provide user ID and password to create the E commerce site for any company.

This is an example of Generic Business Model , where the Business Analyst found out the common requirements of organizations and the companies are adopting it because initially they r not applying the entire module which incurs less cost. Gradually with the growth of business the full system can be implemented if required at additional cost. So it provides the flexibility of choice indeed.

If the Business Analyst find out a new venture in the business which is purely online then E Commerce is the only way out for it under the New Business environment.

The existing scenario of the business can be changed to a great extent under the revamp model with E Commerce. The Business Analyst plays a major role to find out diverse ways of implementation of the automation.

Impact of E Commerce on Business Analyst’s role has enabled the industry to innovate and stay ahead of competition. No industry is immune from this trend. This is a welcome change for the growth of the new business era and opening new ways where business process is benchmarked to ensure that they follow the best practices to achieve improved targets.

Contributed By:
Rik Das
(Globsyn Business School)