Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Google TV : Redefining Entertainment

The Internet companies justify the law of Digital Darwinism. The one that adapts the best to the environment will be the most successful. Google TV has proved this fact once again. The attraction of audiovisual media for the mass is unquestionable and the indigenous entertainment device for people is the one and only television. However, in recent times the definition of entertainment has been changed with the introduction of computers. The web has become an interesting tool to find and access exciting internet contents. But the viewing quality is not always as good as the television.

Google has evolved with the solution with Google TV and created a huge impact in the marketing and media ecosystem. With Google Chrome built in it has revolutionized the traditional television combined with the power of Internet. One can easily move between the television and the web which opens up the television from a few hundred channels to millions of channels available across the web. The television no longer remains confined to video shows but has emerged as a multispecialty device. It is a photo slide show viewer, a gaming console, a music player and much more. The functionalities described are nothing but the beginning of the triumph. Google has already started collaboration with several companies to provide semantic search, personalized recommendation and social features for Google TV.

Google TV is the elicit solution for the population to experience their diversified likings of television and web on a single screen. You can start innovating sitting right in your living room with this new venture of Google.

Contributed By:
Rik Das
(Globsyn Business School)

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